PUBG Mobile- Fabulous detail about Gun


Are you a beginner in the Pubg Mobile? Then you need to know about some basics information. It is hard to play the game for every new player, but from some tips, you became a good player. The weapons are the essential part of the game. So first you need to get some information about weapons. In it many types of weapons are available. All weapons look so unique or all with different abilities. If you are interested in getting information about weapons then must read all because in it all detail related with it.

Knowledge about weapons-

If you want to boost up your level in the game, then you first have to knowledge about weapons. To improve your winning chances weapons play an important role. It is also useful in the game to save your character. In every fighting, the guns must be required. So always select the powerful weapons to increase your winning chances. So today I will tell you the best weapons in the Pubg Mobile Cheats.

  1. Pistols
  2. Sub Machine Guns
  3. Assault Rifles
  4. Shotguns
  5. Sniper Rifles
  6. Melee Weapons

These are all six types of weapons are available in the game. Those are the powerful guns for every mission.

  1. Pistols-

It is the first type of the weapons. It only fires a handful of bullets before reloading. This gun is long range. So it is only useful at the start of the game. We can also say that it is useful weapons for beginners.

  1. Sub Machine Guns-

The sub machine gun is the second type of gun. Via this gun, you are able to many shots at one time. It means you can fire many shots at one time. It has a bit more range than pistols. You can also upgrade it as soon as level up but is useful in many battles. So it is the better gun than pistols.

  1. Shotgun-

It is also a part of a gun, but many players don’t like these because of their limited ammo and range. In other words, we sat that shotgun has limited ammo and range because many people don’t like it. Without this gun you can play the game correctly but if you are in small spaces with an enemy. That time it proves batter.