Learn everything about Pixel Gun 3d


Are you looking for the best guide to play Pixel Gun 3d? If big yes then I will give you the best guide to play the game. Without the guide, you do not play the game in a proper way. Before telling you guide, we want to tell you some specific detail about the game. The game is full fill from lots of adventure and action. In the game, you can make your avatar and play with friends. If you like to play an action game, then it is the best game for you.

Best way to play the game-

Various kinds of methods are available to play the game, but here I tell you best way. For plating the game firstly you can download it from the game store. After installing the game open it in your device. When you open the game, then a tutorial will open automatically for telling you controls of the game. After guide the controls you will receive the rewards like gold coins, gems, EXP and lots of things by getting Pixel Gun 3d Cheats. After that, a screen will be open with lots of options.

Detail about option-

Lots of options are available on the main screen, and here I will tell you detail about those options.

  1. Armory-

In these option lots of weapons, wears, gadget, league, pets and many things are available. If you want to update the weapon, select the new dress and other things then you should tap on this icon. You can also purchase the new things from this icon.

  1. Setting-

In the setting option, you can change the setting as per your requirement. You can change the control, language and many other things with the help of setting icon.

  1. News-

Via the news option, you can see the game related news.

  1. Social-

If you want to connect the game with the social site, then tap on this option.