The Bowl That Changed My Life


A few weeks ago, my life changed with one bowl.

I went with my friend Emily to one of her speaking gigs, a conference for artists and creatives. I was there purely for her, to support and be the go-between and help out in case something went wonky. I didn't know there would be a life-changing bowl involved.

Before Emily's session, we wandered the lobby to see the various works on display by a handful of local artists, and it was all so beautiful. 

And then, I saw her. 


To be fair, I saw her family - bowls, pie plates, cake stands, and mugs, all beautifully created by this sweet married couple from the mountains of North Carolina.  

I had a moment where I kind of cried slash actually cried because I was so moved by this art. It was beautiful and simple and functional and felt like it was made just for me. I bought so many pieces from her that she had to help me carry everything to the car, and it still took two trips.

I chose this bowl because of how she felt in my hands. She settled in like she'd found her home. Big enough to hold the comfort of bounty, wide enough to let every ingredient have a stage, and deep enough to handle my constant dance of the fork and knife to get The Perfect Bite. 

She is perfect. Now let me tell you how my life changed because of her.

Since I became a mom, lunch has always been a throwaway. By the time I get the boys' food on the table, I'm starving and tired from a morning of refereeing and tending to the ever-present Mommy, I'm still hungry plea. It's too much effort to make something just for me, so I grab their sandwich scraps slash three cookies and call it a meal. Sometimes I'll work up the energy to throw a salad together but not often.

That all changed with this bowl.

Filling your home with things you find beautiful is kind of magical. Because I placed value on the bowl, I inadvertently but brilliantly placed value on what goes inside it. And therefore I placed value on myself by taking the time to fill the beautiful bowl with beautiful food... even at lunchtime. 

I eat lunch out of this bowl almost every day now. Even if I'm reheating leftovers, I take five minutes to serve them like I would at dinner, eat sitting down, and sink into the experience this perfect bowl creates for me over and over again. I don't dreamily stare out the window or solve the world's problems because I'm so focused. No, my friend. Usually, I'm just reading Entertainment Weekly. But I took lunch back dang it! And it's awesome.

None of the lunches in those photos up there took longer than ten minutes to put together by the way. This isn't some crazy choice I've made that I won't be able to sustain. The Bowl has simply encouraged me to take time to value who I am and what I love. And I love beautiful food. 

Lunch Bowl days are always good days. Kids still pee on the floor and go outside naked and call the gray-haired lady in CostCo "old like a grandma," but my ability to deal with those mishaps is significantly better. I'm treating myself like a person instead of an afterthought.

That's one damn fine bowl.

Do you have a bowl? Something that reminds you every day to treat yourself with kindness?