Why You Shouldn't Be Sad That This Is the Last Sugar Box Post

Sing it with me (to the tune of the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse goodbye song)!

"Now it's time to say goodbye to all our company
Chris Hemsworth is hot!

Sugar Box (he's so hot!)
Sugar Box (he's so hot!)
Forever let us have our stupid fun, fun, FUN, FUN!

Say goodbye but not for long, there's so much more to come
Seriously, he's so hot!"

Yes, this is the last Sugar Box post. But why?! I made it my JOB to write about hot dudes, TV shows, and cupcakes. This was a genius decision, and I'm an idiot to stop, right? 

Not this time.

This fall, I'm launching a new site, one that I hope you'll love even more than The Sugar Box. It will still have stupid things that smart people love and so much more. 

It's called The Lazy Genius Collective, and it'll help you become a genius about the things that matter and lazy about the things that don't. 

We all want to have more time to be with our people, enjoy life, and (let's be honest) watch more TV. The Lazy Genius Collective will be your companion in making that a real thing as we seek to do life simply and take fun seriously. 

Come see? The site will launch this fall, but I'll send an email or two to announce it. Just head to thelazygeniuscollective.com, and enter your email address to get the earliest news!

In the meantime, you can follow The Lazy Genius on Instagram because Instagram is the prettiest place to hang out on the internet. August will be quiet in terms of stuff to read, but while we all wait for the new site, we can stay in contact while looking at pretty pictures on Instagram.

And even though this is not a goodbye, I want to say the sincerest thanks to all of you. This community has brought me life in ways I never anticipated. Together, we've celebrated the value of stupid fun and that seriousness isn't the only thing that can fill the soul.

Thank you for reading. Thank you for emailing. Thank you for laughing. Oh my, thank you for laughing. I've never had so much fun writing, and you're the reason. I can't wait for you to read what's coming next! It's genius and lazy... which makes it even more genius. I hope you love it.

Until then, Sugar Box Lady out.

My Top 10 Favorite Real-Life Couples

I don't know what happens behind closed doors in any of these homes, so these relationships could all be a sham and we'd never know. But I'm going to assume the best before People tells me the worst. Let's celebrate while we can.

1. Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson

They've been married 27 years, which in Hollywood years is basically since the dawn of time. They've gone through a handful of divorce rumors (naturally), and if it ever turns out to be true, there's just no hope for any of us. These two can never break up. 

2. Lauren Graham and Peter Krause

On Parenthood they play brother and sister, but they met 20 years ago. Peter invited Lauren over to play a boardgame, and since they actually played a boardgame, Lauren assumed he wasn't into her. Fifteen years later, they were ready to take the plunge and have been together for five years. So cute and under the radar. 

3. John Krasinski and Emily Blunt

I've said all the words about these two, right? They're just so. dang. adorable. If I was insane, I'd totally stalk them and try to be their friend.

4. Chris Pratt and Anna Faris

This might be the most fun couple to take on vacation. Hilarious, real, and they genuinely seem to like each other. I'd hang out with that for a week on the beach. Plus their son was born prematurely and has to go through some things to walk and talk, etc. These two kill it as parents, even in the face of that kind of challenge.

5. Hugh Jackman and Deborra-Lee Furness

They've been married for almost 20 years, and since I follow Hugh on Instagram, I get regular updates on Deb. Or, as he calls her, "my Deb." When he travels without her (which isn't often), he'll take a photo of something she would've loved to see and tells her he loves her via a phone app. It's adorable.

6. Dax Shepherd and Kristen Bell

They're so cute that their marriage made it into a commercial. I like that Kristen never thought the relationship would go anywhere because Dax was too much of a bad boy. Seems he got bitten by the love bug and settled down a bit. Now they wear matching Christmas sweaters on TV.

7. Jason Sudeikis and Olivia Wilde

Uber cool. These two are funny and hip and very New York, but they still seem like normalish people who just like to eat food and watch sports. They just get to watch them court-side.

8. Kevin Bacon and Kyra Sedgwick 

They met when she was 12 and he was 19. She was a fan, told him so, and he remembered her when they met on a movie set almost a decade later... when age would not have caused legal action. They've been together for over 25 years and still dig each other. While a lot of couples -including them - stay out of the public eye, they also talk openly about their marriage because they're in love with each other after all this time. It's all kinds of sweet. 

9. Chris Hemsworth and Elsa Pataky

Ridiculous. But let's ignore the whole Sexiest Man Alive married to the Sexiest Woman Alive, the Spanish version. They're so into each other, and he's the kind of celebrity dad we giggle over. He's good at changing diapers quickly, he takes his family on set with him when he can, and he seems grounded in the fact that he's just a man with a wife and a daughter. There's no ego despite, you know, the whole Thor thing.

10. Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner

I'M IN DENIAL. They're not really splitting up. It's all a really late April Fools joke. Blerg. RIP, Ben and Jen. I'll never forget his speech at the Oscars when he said this to Jen: "Thank you for working on our marriage. It is work, but it's the best kind of work and there's no one I'd rather work with." He got a lot of flack for that, but no truer words have been spoken. Marriage is work, and that's why so many of them end. Because you stop doing the work. Bless them for bringing that to light... even though their work didn't pay off. ::sob face::

Who's your favorite celebrity couple?

Strut Like Taylor Swift: 5 Ways to Look Like a Rockstar in the Kitchen

taylor swift.jpg

The kitchen is fraught with storage obstacles, dirty dishtowels, and complaining little people. It's hard to feel like it's your favorite room when everything is falling apart. Whatever happened to those June Cleaver days where she OWNED that kitchen? Possibly those days died when women started, you know, WORKING and having interests outside of the home, but that doesn't mean we still don't want a little Kitchen Strut. 

I do not drink the T-Swift Kool-AId, but I would be lying if I said she wasn't super fly. Her "handbag on the crook of my arm" posture is unparalleled, and I'm pretty sure her legs are insured for a billion dollars. So if there's anyone to aim for when it comes to the Kitchen Strut, it's her. Let's make it happen, y'all.

1. Wear an apron you love.

Aprons come in all the ways, and the help in even more. They keep your clothes clean, they give you an automatic place to wipe off that little bit of food from your finger, and they help you feel more the part. It's hard to hang out in the kitchen wearing an apron and not feel on your game.

2. Invest in pretty kitchen towels.

Do you have the same rags and towels from college? Or the ones your sister gave you when you got your first apartment? It's time for an upgrade. Most of us have our towels on display for easy access, so choose ones that make you happy to see. Etsy is a surprising place to find simple, original, and beautiful tea towels. It's worth spending an extra couple of bucks on a towel if seeing it makes me happier to be in the kitchen. 

3. Decorate your counters.

The Nester always says that everything in your house that you can see is a decoration: the pile of mail, the bag of onions, the soap dispenser. All of it. So why not find a way to prettify those things? Our kitchen counters are the worst culprits in keeping things very un-rockstar, so dig out a couple of your favorite serving bowls and keep your produce inside. Buy a beautiful soap dispenser. Pour your Dawn dishwashing liquid into another pretty soap dispenser. Move your utensils from that black plastic container the set came with and put them in a Mason jar or flower vase. Look at your kitchen with new eyes, find the spots where your "decorations" aren't being rockstars, and change them. 

4. Buy/make fragrant cleaners.

I used to listen to my friends rave about Mrs. Meyers, but all I heard was "three dollars more! three dollars more!" I'm a thrifty soul and live on a budget, so I couldn't stomach spending the extra few bucks on a cleaner that just smelled better. 

I WAS WRONG. Someone gave me a bottle as a gift, and I remember feeling so much better in my kitchen at the end of the day when I was cleaning the counters. Where was this euphoria coming from? The smell. The purty purty smell. Now I make my own cleaners using essential oils, but Mrs. Meyers taught me that I feel on my game when my kitchen smells like lemongrass. I bet Taylor Swift's kitchen smells like lemongrass, too.

5. Hide everything under the bubbles.

We can't strut when every square inch of counter is covered with dirty dishes and open bags of flour. It breaks up the rhythm. Instead, anytime you plan on spending more than 30 minutes in your kitchen making something, a run a shallow sink of (sweet-smelling) soapy water. If something can't go in the dishwasher for whatever reason, hide it under the bubbles. Clean up will go faster later, and your kitchen won't feel like an overgrown runway. Clear that runway, and strut your little aproned self on by,

What keeps your from feeling like a rockstar in your kitchen?

Ralph Fiennes and 12 Other Sex Symbols I Don't Understand

I'm not an idiot; none of these guys are ugly. But I just. don't. GET IT. 

1. Ralph Fiennes

Let's take care of the important stuff first; it's pronounced Rafe Fines. Moving on.

He was the handsome and heartbroken leading man in The English Patient, and ever since then he's been on everyone's list but mine. All I see is Voldemort. Even before he was Voldemort, it's still all I saw.

2. Colin Farrell

Let's not chalk this up to "Kendra doesn't like bad boys" or some other nonsense. Because I do. I mean... Donnie Wahlberg was my favorite New Kid. How's that for not liking bad boys. But that doesn't change the fact that when I look at Colin, it's kind of a yawn. I just don't see it.

3. Channing Tatum

I used to think he was 100% bimbo, but he's actually self-deprecating and mildly interesting. But his sex symbol quotient is based totally on his body. His face isn't paying the bills. I want a Paying the Bills face.

4. Ansel Elgort

Now this one is a complete mystery. Yes, I'm not 13, but I'm happy to give credit where it's due. Y'all, it isn't due. Also he looks like the guy who's older sister's best friend just told him he's cute and he's trying to be cool about it. "I'm just an awkward guy who hasn't forgotten where I came from and who takes my dad to premieres and makes funny faces on Instagram because I'm just a real person, yo." 


5. Joe Manganiello

He's a giant ab and nothing else. You know that little bit of electricity that shoots by when you see someone super attractive? I thought my power had gone out on this guy because everyone is raving over how he's the most perfect man and now he's dating the most perfect woman in Sofia Vergara and I look for my Sex Symbol Jumper Cables to figure out what I'm missing out on. I still haven't figured it out.

6. Ian Somerhalder

My sister will kill me for this because she loves Ian, but there has not been one second of my life on this planet where the words "Ian" and "hot" were in the same sentence, except for that time on LOST where his character had a fever. 

7. Ryan Reynolds

I know I know, but it's Ryan! I can hear you from here. But to me, he's a 5 at best. Sorry, y'all.

8. Adam Levine

He's won People's Sexiest Man Alive, and they must've just meant alive, like, between the hours of 3:17am and 4:17am on a random Thursday in Santa Monica or something.

9. Zac Efron

He has a nine year-old's head, lost his neck somewhere on the Disney lot, and has the body of an overzealous teenage body builder. I keep staring at him like one of those magic pictures, hoping that the real Zac is going to pop out. Hasn't happened yet.

10. Clive Owen

Do I need a new pair of glasses? He's a bloodhound.

11. Ewan McGregor

He was supposed to be the dashing suitor to Gwyneth Paltrow's Emma, and when he turned the corner on that horse, I remember thinking, "Ew." As with the rest of this list, I have zero commentary on who they are as a person. But as a sex symbol? Child please.

12. Robert Pattinson

He was marginally handsome in Water for Elephants, but in all other applications, the Pattinson charm has fallen off the bracelet. 

13. Bradley Cooper

Tepid. Tepid at best. Help me understand what's happening.

So who are you yelling at me about? And who do you not understand?

Why Watching More TV Makes You a Better Parent


I used to feel guilty hearing other moms talk about how they spent their kids' nap times: scouring Pinterest for sensory bin ideas, building a giant bubble maker, and planning nature scavenger hunts complete with punch cards, maple leaf stickers, and locally sourced trail mix.

This is not me. My personal "kid activity" rule is if it takes longer to make it and/or clean it up than it does to actually do it, it ain't happening. For awhile, I thought that made me a bad mom, especially when I spent their nap times catching up on my shows. What was wrong with me? 

Five years, two kids, and a little therapy later, the answer is nothing. There's nothing wrong with me, and there's nothing wrong with you either. Being a good parent doesn't mean spending every waking moment on your family. It means spending enough moments on yourself so that you can fully engage with your family when they're in front of you.

If a chef's hobby is cooking, he'll look like he's a better chef than all the others because he cooks all. the. time. But he's no different than the chefs who spend their free time bowling or reading or being in a roller derby league. When it comes time to work, they all do a great job because they're full and alive in who they are. Those parents who spend their free time planning things for their family? Kids are their hobby, just like watching TV is yours. Don't fight it.

If you're here, it probably means you like TV and maybe even see it as self-care the way I do. I now give you permission to watch more TV so that you'll be a more alive you and therefore a much better parent. 

Now go find your remote.