Day 30 :: Fall back in love with your theme.

Your party is almost here. You've stayed on schedule and are on your creative game. You're looking at your house with new eyes and seeing icons from your theme everywhere you look.

But as the date approaches and before you get too into party mode, stop a minute. Remember why you are throwing a party in the first place, why you originally chose your theme, and then engage in it with zero agenda. 

Watch the show. Read the book. Sit outside in the season. Listen to the music. Look at the pictures. Eat the food. 

Recalibrate your brain right before your party to fall in love with your theme again. You'll enjoy your party so much more if you do.

Day 29 :: How to keep Party Steve from feeling awkward.

A Poem: Party Steve

Steve is at your party, having such a blast,
But now he needs a bathroom, and he needs one fast.
He goes to do his business, but oh what a scare!
He reaches for the toilet paper, and an empty roll is there!

Searching through cabinets, trying not to fall
Steve comes up empty-handed, stuck inside the stall
He shakes his fists at the air, screaming "What am I to do?!"
Friends, don't let Steve curse the sky just because he has to poo.

May these words remind us that we need to anticipate our guests needs and help them move through our party with confidence and excellent hygiene. 

Easy Ways to Anticipate Needs

  • Put extra toilet paper rolls in plain sight... more than you think you'll need.
  • Have an extra hand towel or two in the bathroom; inevitably your friends will need the towel faster than it has time to dry.
  • Put an extra trash bag or two in the bottom of the cans so folks don't have to hunt through cabinets.
  • Label the food, even if it's obvious. People still always ask, and now they won't have to.
  • A sink filled with hot soapy water says, "Sure! Put that dirty dish in here! Now go have more fun!"
  • Buy a packet of cheap disposable containers to share leftovers. No crazy foil packets and no fridge overflowing with extra food.
  • Make your house cooler a solid hour before party time to reach a comfortable temperature once the house is full of body-heated people.
  • Have a sign on the bathroom door and maybe even an arrow or two pointing in its direction. Obvious directions are always appreciated, especially when Steve wants to be discreet.

Day 27 :: Deck your halls in layers.

I'm thankful for people like The Nester and my friend, Megan, who have taught me about layering. Because left to my own devices? It looks like I hung a craft room trashcan on my wall.

from The Nester's post

from The Nester's post

This is a photo from my pal Emily's first barn event, and it was the most beautifully layered room. Do you see that from this photo? It's not just the sign. It's not just the twinkle lights. It's not just the fringe-y crepe paper garland that is so rad. All of those things together create a layered space that feels intentionally decorated by not overwrought. Clearly The Nester decorated this space.

For my Wizard of Oz party, I'm going insane on the decorations because OBVIOUSLY. While you don't have to put all of your energy into that area and can choose another, it's still a good idea to decorate and layer, even simply.

And because there's no way I have anything to add this conversation, I will now direct you to a brilliant post written by the decorating queen herself. Click on the photo to read The Nester's accessible brilliance on how to decorate for any party.